Wassup Breet Gang,

How’re you doing this fine Saturday? 

If your week was packed with debit alerts, traffic and annoying coworkers (no vex 🥺), I’ve come with great news for you to start the weekend with! 

Before now, for spreading the good news of Breet with your referral code, we’d normally say thank you with 200 Breet Points (credited after the new user carries out a transaction of at least $100 💰). 

But this month? 200 points no fit do you! 👀 

ALL September, when you share your referral code with anyone you know — and strangers too; who no like better thing? — you earn 700 Breet points! 🥳

Sweet deal, right? Don’t miss out!

Tell your people to tell their people and everyone can earn with their referral codes 🕺🏼



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