What’s good, Breet Gang? 

Is the holiday ‘holidaying’ already, or are you still grinding the grind? 

Don’t worry, no judging — December money must complete before Detty December flexing can commence, shey? 💰 

But what if there’s some other sweet (low-risk & easy!) ways to cash out this month that you’ve been neglecting? 

Come closer, we don’t hoard good things over here – let me show you 👀

If you’re looking for some extra sources of income in this season of billings/spendings, here’s three simple ways you can make money from Crypto this December: 

1. Share your crypto knowledge for a fee: It’s 2022, and there are crypto enthusiasts/experts everywhere – on digital media especially – who make good money from sharing their wisdom on blogs, websites, virtual classes, while hosting spaces/discussion sessions, or even by putting out Tweets/social media posts. Finding these opportunities might take a while, but once they start coming in? They never stop! 

2. Play-To-Earn Crypto Challenges: If you have some free time on your hands and you’re up for an exciting challenge, wouldn’t it be nice to earn some sweet crypto coins while having fun? One option that isn’t as popular as it should be are Crypto games that offer actual tokens which can be used to get discounts from online stores or even converted into fiat! And yes, P2E (Play-To-Earn) games are open to African countries — Nigeria & Ghana too! 

You’d only need to do your research and find the ones you’d like. Another option you might want to consider is earning crypto for performing online tasks – including activities like exercising, or even finding & participating in Airdrop giveaways! Again, be sure to do your own research and find the right options that best suit you.

3. Refer & Earn With Breet: We kept the very best for last! With Breet, you can earn money from Crypto even when you’re not actively trading! How? We’re glad you asked! All December, for every single person you refer to Breet (who signs up with your referral code), you get 900 Naira instantly! Now, imagine telling all your cousins and your mother’s aunties and your distant nephews when you see them this Christmas about Breet. Are you already counting the money you’re about to make? You’d better! 🤑

And that’s it — I hope you’re feeling gingered! Go get this money, my gee! 💪🏻

Just make sure you don’t forget my own cut when you hammer, m’kay? I don’t reject thank-yous in cash form o! In the meantime, utilise the weekend while it lasts & don’t forget to flex small too. 

Till we gist again, be good! 🚀



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