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How To Make Money Online With P2P Trading In Nigeria

People may now make a living without having to work a physical job, just by making money online with P2P trading in Nigeria or cryptocurrency; and this has become the newest trend.

It’s no longer a secret that the Internet provides a variety of game-changing chances to become wealthy from the convenience of your home. There are just too many ways to make money online in Nigeria for this post to cover them all. The crypto industry is one of the main sectors generating these online income prospects. 

There are a lot of alternatives to make money online with Bitcoin thanks to the size and innovation of the cryptocurrency industry, and some people are effectively utilising these uncommon opportunities. You can profit in the cryptocurrency industry, for instance, by trading, stalking, blogging, influencing, mining, and other activities.

This article discusses peer-to-peer trading and how to make money online with P2P trading in Nigeria.

But first, what does “P2P trading” actually mean? Go on reading.


What is P2P Trading?

Peer-to-peer trading, or P2P trading, is a sort of digital asset trading strategy where buyers and sellers trade digital assets directly with one another without the use of middlemen or third parties.

P2P trading gives users the freedom to pick their own counterparties and determine their own prices. P2P trading systems, in contrast to traditional exchanges, are solely real-time and interactive, providing users control over their assets and how they trade or with whom they trade. They are not designed to trade charts or market indicators.

Unlike typical exchanges, P2P trading does not require a third party or middleman to ensure seamless trading, yet it is possible to come across shady platforms and dubious traders who may undermine the goal of discussions.

There are risks involved with trading with unauthorised traders because nearly all P2P platforms in Nigeria employ escrow systems, we advise you to thoroughly investigate all P2P exchanges and only use reputable P2P platforms.

While waiting for all conditions to be satisfied and both traders to approve the transaction, the escrow mechanism safeguards any money or assets that users exchange. The assets will be transferred from the escrow system to your account once the transaction has been approved. This protects the two merchants’ trustworthiness and dependability.

Binance P2P or Paxful P2P platforms are some of the best bets if you want to make money online with P2P trading in Nigeria.


How to Start P2P Trading

You must be aware that P2P markets operate like a trading economy, with you acting as the trader and placing bids on prices if you wish to make money online with P2P trading in Nigeria. Nevertheless, you might not require a sizable amount of money to launch your firm.

Step-by-step guide on how to start P2P trading:


1. Decide the assets you want to use

Recognize that you can reach your target audience using fiat money, cryptocurrencies, or even the most complicated mashup of payment options. As a result, it’s important to select and employ the best possible mix.


2. Determine your cost

To price quotes and market strategically, choose between fixed or variable prices. If you wish to buy at the market price, you must create a variable price range because variable price ads change based on the market. You should set the fixed price of the transaction greater than the cost price if you wish to sell something for a fixed price.


3. Advertise your service

Share your adverts over the web and provide tempting offers in an effort to attract a larger audience. Many consumers may be drawn in by offering unconventional payment methods and very reasonable pricing. Some customers may be willing to pay even more if you can accept these unconventional payment options.


Illustration of P2P trading

Illustration of P2P trading


4 Ways to Earn Money Through P2P Trading Online in Nigeria

Here are some methods on how to make money online with P2P trading in Nigeria:


1. Cryptocurrency arbitrage trading

Arbitrage trading in cryptocurrencies is the practice of buying and selling digital assets on various markets while making money from the price discrepancy between them. This entails locating cryptocurrencies that are offered at various prices on two different trading exchanges and profiting from the difference in price.

For instance, if the price of BTC on Binance Spot is $36,300 and a sell offer is available for $36,500 on Binance P2P, you should buy on Binance Spot and sell for $36,500 to profit. The secret is to buy cheap and sell expensive.


2. Arbitrage in Fiat

The fundamental distinction between fiat arbitrage and cryptocurrency arbitrage is the nature of the traded assets. Fiat arbitrage is the trading of fiat money on two distinct exchanges to profit from their relative price differences.

Numerous peer-to-peer fiat exchanges accept more than 50 different local currencies. Making it simple for someone to find fiat pricing differences and profit from them.


3. Publishing buy-and-sell ads

To help the cryptocurrency community achieve its objectives, buy/sell adverts can be posted on the P2P network for payment.

You can utilise advertising on Binance P2P to create a broad pricing range to make more money or a narrow price range to reach more target clients.


4. Earn Trader Commissions and Incentives

When you rise to the position of the top-ranking merchant on the site, you can profit from peer-to-peer trade. This is the incentive for using the platform to sell. On the Bybit P2P exchange, for instance, a trader can make up to 200 USDT per fiat currency, and a weekly advertiser can make up to 400 USDT per two different fiat currencies.

You must fulfil the following criteria as a trader and rank among the top three traders by USDT turnover. You must spend at least 50 hours online to be eligible. Create an account with a P2P exchange, which you use, and you can start seeing adverts if you want to start trading.



Making money online with P2P trading in Nigeria has never been as simple as it may seem. But the emergence of the cryptocurrency market has increased the number of ways that people can earn money online.

Due to the absence of middlemen in the transaction, P2P platform users benefit greatly from considerable freedom on the platform. Because of this, P2P platform users are still increasing.

But if you properly put everything you’ve learned in this article to use. Creating a P2P trading company and profiting from P2P trading shouldn’t be an issue. Good luck!

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