What’s good, Gang? 

Who’s ready for the weekend? I know I am! 😁

For most people, Fridays mean it’s time to take a break for about 48 hours to rest and unwind, and for some others, it’s time to pour into side gigs/personal projects and other “productive” doings — if you suspect these people are robots, I won’t blame you. 

But, e dey pay off o.

And don’t just take my word for it — hear from the mouth of a passionate Breet user who’s been spreading the word about us + earning from it, in today’s episode of #BreetFans! 

Mike joined the Breet Gang in July, 2022 — right when we introduced #ReferandEarn with 200 points as the reward (it’s 900 points now btw! 🕺🏼), and here’s how he’s constantly earned: 

“I’m a micro-influencer, and I found a great product — Breet. I trade Crypto on the side & I’ve never had any issues with Breet; if anything, it’s amazing how great this platform works. From a customer service that’s always available to how fast I can trade for cash! At first, I used to tell just my inner circle but after a while, I thought — why am I not making money from this?”

Can you tell Mike is a sharp guy? 💪🏻

“So I started dedicating time to hosting crypto training classes on weekends, and when it came to dropping resources — tools, platforms etc, my Breet referral code was always included when I got to teaching how to trade Crypto for Naira. Even when I randomly talk about my Crypto journey on my socials, I shamelessly plug my referral code o, and it works! Let’s just say it’s the only side hustle I need now!” 

Imagine knowing how to use your influence to make yourself some cool cash just like that! 

Whether you’re building a community, have a large Twitter following, or friends who trust your opinion, you can NOT go wrong with referring everyone you know to the coolest, stress-free way of trading crypto, and you’d never have to refer for free either — rewarding you brings us joy! 🤑

We hope you’re feeling gingered, and you’re welcome 😁

Until next time, 

have a soft weekend! 🕺🏼



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