Hey Breet Gang, happy Saturday! 🕺🏼 

After a long week, a day of doing nothing other than lazing around was exactly what I needed! 🤝🏼

But you know what’s sweeter than doing absolutely nothing just because you can? It’s doing absolutely nothing, but good fortune still smiles on you! 🤩

I spoke to a couple of Breet Gang members & let me tell you — some people have quite an interesting story for the first time they ever received/owned cryptocurrency! 

Want to hear the gist? Come closer: 

1. Feyi B. (Five months as a Breet Gang member): “It was a giveaway o! A friend told me about this IG Live holding one weekend, and I’d just picked up an interest in Crypto so I was pretty eager to join in. I didn’t even know of the giveaway till during the Live. It was a random selection and I was one of the three. I already had a Breet account & it was like a dream when that BTC hit. Not a lot but still a lot! 💃 ”

2. Mike A. (Eleven months as a Breet Gang member): “Lol let’s just say I was in the right circle. One of my closest friends who’d been away for over 10 years came back to Nigeria in December. It was a wild, wild month. Amazing memories. He was about to leave right after Christmas & bro asked if I had a crypto wallet. The way I opened one fast ehn. In minutes, my Breet wallet got it & I didn’t know which shocked me more — how fast it was or how much it was after converting it to Naira! 💰 ”

3. Princess O. (Two months as a Breet Gang member): “It was about a month ago, February 14th. Apparently, there’s this anonymous admirer that I had a mutual friend with, and he wanted her to get my crypto wallet details on his behalf because apparently, he knew I was learning trading. Lol I thought it was a joke till I got the transaction notification. It was loud! We had a great dinner together later that weekend, but fell out like two weeks later! 👀 ”

Some people no dey play o.

And if you’re wondering whether Princess had to return the Crypto, what do you think? 🌚

Lol anyhoo, here’s one thing I know — these people might have received their first crypto-coins unexpectedly, but it definitely won’t be their last! 🕺🏼 

And when the next one hits, Breet would be here to make sure converting it to cash is still swift & stress-free! 😁

Until next time, 

Have a soft-life kind of weekend! 🥳

— Somebody from Breet.  


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