Hey Breet Gang,

Who’s excited to see the weekend approaching again? Make we dey use am hold body till November runs out! 👀

It’s not news anymore that the global economy is in shambles and everything is turnioniown; Naira’s been falling, Dollar dropped last week & even if you live under a rock, we all know how the Crypto market has been 🥲

What do you do when you simply cannot rely on a single currency in these times?

You rely on as many as you can! 🤑

Today’s #BreetBusiness spotlights businesswoman Abby — she’s been importing medical devices since 2020 into Nigeria, as well as to other countries, and she’s not relying on one currency to permanently keep her out of the trenches 🤲🏻

“I have a Pounds account, a Dollar account, a Yen account — name it. I also have a Naira account and Crypto wallets too.”

First, I needed to know how it all started.

“It was 2020, I was done with medical school & I was broke. COVID was here & I started to see how an older colleague in the hospital I worked at was making mad money, just by importing basic medical items like face masks & hand sanitizers. E shock me! I instantly started to search for connections. I found a supplier of high-demand medical devices and set up domiciliary accounts.”

I was curious to know how the process of setting up domiciliary accounts went, especially in a country like ours 🌚

“Setting up dorm accounts was the hardest part o. I almost gave up multiple times. That’s why it was such a breath of fresh air when I saw how easy it was to set up a Crypto account with Breet. It took me minutes, and I had multiple wallets!”

I asked her what her favourite thing about getting paid in different currencies was, and if there were any cons.

“It’s definitely knowing how my income has expanded. Some of these currencies are stronger than others, and converting Pounds to Naira for example is sweet! But I can’t even lie, the easiest currency for me to receive is Crypto. With Breet, all my wallets are in one place, and compared to the rest, I can avoid ridiculous charges or long wait-times. Once an international client hears I accept payment in Crypto, they instantly choose that means of payment because it’s easier for everybody!” 🕺🏼

As always, Breet dey for you, Gang! 😁

With us, converting your Crypto to cash would be the easiest part of your business if you’re looking to expand past the shores of this country & we can’t wait to watch you rack in those heavy funds soon 💰

I’m rooting for you! 💪🏻

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