What’s good, Breet Gang? 

Who else is glad that we’re slowly approaching the middle of January? 

It almost even felt like this week went by fast — almost 👀

Meanwhile, it’s still a new year, and most of us are very determined to upscale and do better generally, yeah?

(By the way – if you answered yes, I hope you didn’t mistakenly miss our Twitter Space last night? You did? Oya here’s the link. Go listen — you’re forgiven 🌚 ) 

But seriously; grit, smart work & the right help can do wonders for anyone who’s ready to do bigger things in 2023, and today’s #BreetBusiness episode proves it again! 

I spoke with Braimoh, a fashion designer based in Ghana who’s managed to expand his brand past the shores of Africa! But let’s start from the beginning, shall we? 🕺


“I’ve always loved fashion. And Chale, I’m not even bragging, I’m good at it! I specialise in tailoring luxury afrocentric pieces for men, and while I’ve always gotten amazing clients in Ghana and within Africa, I knew there was more. The first time I tried pushing this business outside Africa, it was tough. It was 2021 and dormicillary accounts were hard as hell to open and operate from this side of the world. Has that even changed today? Anyways, I just gave up and continued building my brand in Africa. No regrets though – I made my brand a household name within that period!” 

Wondering when things finally started to look good for him? So was I! 😁

“Breet o, Breet was the platform I didn’t even know I needed. Last year, a friend sent me a referral link. She’d just discovered Breet, and she was trading through this app with zero stress. Then she casually asked if I’d ever considered solving my international payment issues by accepting Crypto. It was like someone turned on a light switch in my head!”. 

“My few international clients then were thrilled, my business started to expand, and I’m already even working on opening my first store branch outside Africa! Occasionally, I even receive Crypto payments from clients within Ghana and in Nigeria, and it always takes just minutes. Life has been good o!” 

Growth is what? Growth is beautiful to see! 🤩

If you haven’t taken advantage of the easiest way to receive Crypto payments for your business – #BreetBusiness – this is your New Year reminder; don’t sleep on it! 

Having multiple payment options is a fantastic way to increase your earnings without doing anything extra, and we hope this story convinces you. 

As always, Breet dey for you! We’re already rooting for you, m’kay? 

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