Twitter Space – NFTs For Beginners Volume 3: Do It Right

Hey Breet Gang,  Here’s your official invite to join us tomorrow (Saturday) evening for a live Twitter Space by 8PM! We’d be hosting @BlueBoyTweets_ as our speaker in a discussion session on the topic; NFTs For Beginners Volume 3: Do It Right.  For the newbies in the Crypto scene, this would be an exciting opportunity to […]

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Have You Joined the NFT Gang Yet? If Not, Why?

NFTs are killing it in the Web3 Space, no doubt! What’s stopping you from joining the team? Non Fungible Tokens(NFTs) have become a great financial breakthrough for a lot of Nigerian Youths, with many making over a million naira per sale. Over the past months, we’ve recorded incredible success stories from some NFT Traders who […]

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Is the Golden Age of NFTs Over?

It’s been a rough couple of months for the crypto market, and the NFT market has been feeling the heat too. Floor prices of major NFT projects have declined drastically, and people considered NFT millionaires just a couple of months ago seem to be hanging on at this point. This has made us ask- is […]

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