It’s the first Monday in July, and although the year seems to be going by so fast, A LOT has happened so far. We started off the year waiting for Bitcoin to hit $50k and we were almost there oh but “village people” came to play. I’m no prophet, but believe me when I say we’re still going for the moon this year

Enough said, let’s have a look at what happened last week first.

  1. The cryptocurrency market cap went up to $870.81 billion. Good or bad news?

  2. Data Shows Jed McCaleb’s Ripple Stash Nears the Bottom of the Barrel With $26 Million in Coins Left to Sell. Hmmm!

  3. Sales of non-fungible tokens totalled just over $1bn in June, compared with a peak of $12.6bn in January. Weird!

  4. Crypto regulation faces an even steeper climb after Supreme Court EPA decision. Well!

  5. Exploit Forces Crema Finance to Temporarily Suspend Services, $8.7 Million Stolen. Massive!

A lot more happened in the past week, but I’m not really a fan of too many words on a Monday morning, I like to keep it simple. However, if you’d love to follow real-time crypto news and updates, just check the Breet app anytime.

I wish myself a green week, I wish you the same as well. Have a great one!

Just a mysterious human at Breet.