Good morning, People of Breet!

How’re you doing today? 

And are you also wondering when Harmattan season plans to show up this December, or am I the only one who’s been thinking about that? 🙃

Because this sun is still showing me pepper & I’m not understanding o.

Anyways, before I start to over-yarn, there’s one thing to always expect on Mondays from Breet — our Crypto News rundown! 🕺🏼 

Ready for the gist? Here’s What Happened In The Crypto World Last Week: 

1. Bitcoin (BTC) took a dip on Friday to about $17,013 after a 3.66% loss, while Ethereum (ETH) fell by a whooping 6.03% in 24 hours to $1,211. Let’s just hope for a Christmas miracle by this weekend 👀

2. Meanwhile, according to a court filing, the former co-CEO at FTX Digital Markets Ryan Salame had tipped Bahamian regulators about a “possible mishandling of clients’ assets” by Sam Bankman-Fried right before FTX’s bankruptcy filing last month. A typical case of insider information! 🌚

3. Tech giant Microsoft has recently updated its Acceptable Use policy, stating that mining cryptocurrency without prior Microsoft approval is prohibited, as a means of stabilising their cloud services & protecting customers. Mixed feelings, shey? 🙃

4. In other news; Crypto Exchange Gemini has suffered from a “third-party incident” — a breach of data which has led to 5.7 million emails being leaked, although Gemini insists that account information or systems were not impacted, and all funds and customer accounts remain secure. We sure hope so o. 🤲🏻

5. Digital payments platform PayPal has been expanding and exploring new stuff! They’ve officially announced a new partnership with Crypto wallet MetaMask to give users access to new crypto services and make buying digital assets easier. Sweet, right? 💪🏻

6. The heat is far from over for FTX, and now U.S derivatives regulator Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is suing FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried, FTX & Alameda for defrauding investors and violating Commodities Laws. Omo x10! 😬

7. Unfortunately, there’s more — Sam Bankman-Fried, who reportedly could be facing up to 115 years behind bars if convicted, has been denied bail & is to remain in Bahamas’ Fox Hill prison until February, 2023. Let’s sha be watching 👀

8. Crypto exchange has achieved a new feat, as they’ve been licensed to operate as a payment institution in Brazil, thus becoming the first crypto exchange in the South American country to receive this. Congratulations are in order! 🥳

9. Last on our list — Web3 infrastructure company Blocknative has been able to raise $15M in a Series A-1 round to accelerate Blocknative’s initiatives in the Ethereum block building market. Things we love to hear! 👏🏻 

You’re all caught up on the major stories, my gee! 💪🏻

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