Good morning, People of Breet! 

It’s a new week & it’s time to rise and shine! 🤩

We’ve had the most interesting weekend & I’m positive we’re about to have an even more exciting week — ready for it? 🕺🏼 

But first, let’s run through our crypto news update for the week together, shall we? 

Let’s go:  

1. On Friday, some cryptocurrencies were at a high, and a couple hit a low. Bitcoin took a slight fall of 0.51% to $23,878 and Ethereum made a gain of 0.17%, taking it to a high of $1,648. We move! 💪🏻

2. Up next; Litecoin Foundation has collaborated with Digital Assets Manager Metalpha! Why? Through this partnership, they’d be developing hedging products for Litecoin (LTC) miners & advancing the Litecoin ecosystem. Two heads are definitely better than one! 🤝🏼

3. In other news, Solana-based Decentralised Exchange (DEX) Mango Markets has announced two new features ahead of its version 4 (v4) rollout, with focus on mitigating security threats, and this is following the $114M exploit it suffered sometime in October last year. Definitely smart 🙌🏻 

4. Sotheby — a British-founded American auction house — is putting plans in place to auction off the original manuscript for Snow Crash (Neal Stephenson’s landmark 1992 Sci-Fi book that coined terms like ‘metaverse’ and ‘avatar’) as well as a couple of physical & digital collectibles related to the work. Exciting stuff 🤩

5. Meanwhile, some not-so-wonderful news; Coinbase’s New Layer 2 Blockchain (Base) has had a rough start since its launch, as the Ethereum-focused protocol faced major network issues, transaction reversals & other operational challenges just hours after its debut. Users were definitely not pleased 🥲

6. Some thrilling news — Web3 music streaming platform Audius is integrating support for popular social media TikTok! How? New users will be able to create an account on Audius just by linking their Tiktok profile. Things we love to see! 🎶 

7. Blockchain & software company Dapper Labs is set to lay off about 20% of its staff according to an email sent to investors, and they’re blaming this on corporate restructuring. This is following a previous layoff of 22% of its workforce in November 2022. Brutal 😬

8. How can we not bring you SBF/FTX news? Ex-CEO Sam Bankman-Fried is apparently facing new charges (bank fraud allegations!) in addition to the eight standing counts against him, and as a result, he could forfeit hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of assets. This case just dey hot dey go 🥵 

9. And finally — Platypus users as the DeFi Protocol have announced that it will be repaying a minimum of 63% of user funds after managing to recover a portion of the $9 Million stolen last week by the now-identified exploiter. Half bread IS better than none, and this one pass half! 🤲🏻

We’ve come to the end — thank you for reading! 

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Enjoy the rest of the week! 🤩

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