Hey Breet Gang, 

The weekend breezed in and breezed out as usual, and another Monday has come knocking on our front doors. 

If we pretend that today’s still the weekend, will anybody beat us? Nope.

But will you & I actually do that? Again, nope. So we move 🌚 

There’s one thing that always gets me excited about Mondays though, and that’s our Crypto News roundup! 🕺🏼 

Ready for all the gist? We’ve got you! 

Let’s begin: 

1. Bitcoin took a dip from the $23k mark by mid-Friday, making 3.80% loss and dropping to $22,385, while Ethereum followed suit and dipped to $1,567 after a 4.60% loss. If only everyday was Christmas 👀

2. Up next — Latin American exchange Bitso has some amazing news; they’ve launched a debit card in Mexico in partnership with Mastercard & have officially joined Mastercard’s portfolio of partnerships with crypto companies in Latin America. Love to see it! 🥳

3. The hosts of popular crypto podcast & newsletter Bankless (David Hoffman & Ryan Sean Adams) are about to do great stuff, as they are reportedly raising a $35 million venture capital fund to invest in seed-stage Web3 companies. As should be! 🤑

4. Meanwhile, Crypto Exchange Binance did not only rebrand its custody arm to Ceffu in early February, but will also be re-applying for a Capital Markets Service licence from the Monetary Authority of Singapore, to provide custodial services in the country. Sounds like a plan! 💪🏻

5. Moving on; Layer 1 blockchain network Near Protocol has launched a product-first operating system that’s for both developers & users, as this platform will be a common layer for browsing and discovering Web3 products including crypto exchanges, NFT galleries and social networks. Major moves! 🙌🏻

6. Update: Marathon Digital (MARA) — one of the largest publicly traded bitcoin miners — has once again (second month in a row!) sold their Bitcoin holding, selling 650 BTC out of 683 mined in the month of February to aid their operational expenses as well as for general corporate purposes. Can’t blame ‘em! 😁

7. Blockchain-based game The Sandbox made a recent announcement but it’s not the good kind! — a phishing email has been sent to some users as a result of a security breach, when an unauthorised 3rd party gained access to an employee’s computer & sent malware links that could be used to access personal information of users. Yikes. Wahalur 🥲

8. In other news; according to a Wall Street Journal report, three U.S. senators have written to Binance, asking for details about its money-laundering controls & accusing the exchange of being a “hotbed of illegal financial activity.” Doesn’t sound very good 🙃 

9. And lastly — TBD, a division of Jack Dorsey’s financial-technology company Block, has launched “c=” (“c equals”), a new business entity focused on improving liquidity & routing on the Lightning Network, Bitcoin’s layer 2 scaling system. From Twitter to this — exciting times are ahead! 🤩

It’s a wrap — thank you for reading, Breet Gang! 

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