What’s good, Breet Gang?

How’re you feeling this fine Monday? 

If you woke up and the first thing you asked yourself was, “isn’t it salary week already?”, you’re not alone, my friend. 

November is moving slowly & I don’t understand why either. Let’s sha be counting the days till the 30th, m’kay? 🤲🏻

As we navigate through another Monday, it’s time for our favourite thing about a new week — a rundown of Crypto news! 🌍

Ready? Let’s go! 

1.  We ended Friday with the crypto market looking green with profit! Bitcoin (BTC) gained 1.19% and sat at $16,754 while Ethereum (ETH) was up by 1.66% and at $1,219. Worthy of a happy dance! 🕺🏼

2.  Sports brand Nike is set to do big stuff, as they’re about to launch a Web3 marketplace dubbed .Swoosh for community users to buy, sell, trade, and create digital wearables and virtual sneakers. Fun stuff, shey? 🤩

3.  Some more exciting news — USDC Stablecoin Issuer Circle has announced adding support for Apple Pay, which would allow businesses accept crypto payments from Apple customers 💳

4.  Meanwhile, professional footballer Cristiano Ronaldo launched his first NFT collection on Friday as part of an exclusive, multi-year partnership with Binance. Massive W! ⚽️ 

5.  More Binance talk — the crypto exchange has announced that it has received approval from regulators to act as a digital asset custodian to institutional clients in Abu Dhabi. Crypto to the world! 😁

6.  Some unfortunate news; Terraform Labs Co-Founder Daniel Shin’s firm (Chai Corp.) has reportedly been raided by Seoul prosecutors in connection to the Terra blockchain/Do Kwon saga that’s still ongoing 🥲

7.  Amid the FTX drama, a class action has been filed against Hollywood & sports celebrities who endorsed the exchange including Tom Brady, Larry David, Shaquille O’Neal, Naomi Osaka and others. A messy situation indeed 👀

8.  Following the demise of FTX, the US House of Representatives Financial Services Committee will be holding a hearing regarding the bankruptcy filing of crypto exchange FTX next month. Fingers crossed o 🤞 

9.  Ethereum-software firm ConsenSys is set to co-launch an Ethereum Climate Platform (ECP) that will address Ethereum’s pre-merge excess energy consumption. Interesting times ahead! 💪🏻

It’s a wrap — we hope you enjoyed reading! 

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Till next time, have a splendid week!

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