Wassup, Breet Gang? 

Did you have a good weekend or should I mind my business? Because I’m bringing ‘somehow’ news & excellent news this morning o 👀 : 

The somehow news — it’s another Monday and it’s still November. This month has truly been something and it needs to go, amen? 🙏🏼

The excellent news — we’re strolling into December this week! Who’s feeling giddy?! 🕺🏼

And of course, there’s still one more news; some crypto news! It’s time for our rundown of the juiciest crypto stories from last week! 🌏

Let’s get into it: 

1. As last week wrapped up, the biggest cryptocurrencies dipped for most of Friday. Bitcoin (BTC) dropped by 0.30% to $16,493, and Ethereum (ETH) by 0.37%, falling to $1,190. December, should we beg you in advance? 🤲🏻

2. Exciting news — FTX’s Japanese subsidiary has announced their plans to resume fund withdrawals for customers by the end of 2022, and there’s a total of 19.6 billion Yen ($138 million) in customer cash & crypto-assets. Definitely a relief! 🥺

3. Next — whoever’s behind the bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange FTX’s hack has been working real hard o, as the hacker reportedly moved 180,000 ETH worth about $199.3 million to 12 brand-new wallets! 😢

4. Talking about thieves — two Estonian citizens have been arrested and charged to court for an alleged involvement in a $575M money laundering/cryptocurrency fraud case, after they encouraged people to invest in what turned out to be a fake crypto bank. These people no get conscience! 🌚

5. Meanwhile, it looks like someone’s going to be away all through the holidays and January too! The developer of the now-sanctioned crypto mixer Tornado Cash Alexey Pertsev, has reportedly been ordered to remain in jail until late February 2023 by a Dutch court. Wahala 🙃

6. In other news, Cryptocurrency entrepreneur and billionaire Justin Sun has reportedly been evaluating FTX’s assets for a potential purchase from Sam Bankman-Fried. Will this fall through? Will he purchase? Time will tell! 🤞

7. There’s been a new development in New York City, as Governor Kathy Hochul signed a first-of-its-kind-law to temporarily ban Bitcoin mining operations running on carbon-based power sources. A win for the environment, shey? 🤝

8. Ethereum Software Firm ConsenSys stirred up some talk after updating their privacy policy to state that the firm collects the IP and ETH wallet address of users by default when they use ConsenSys’ digital wallet service MetaMask. Can you blame users for getting suspicious? 👀

9. And last on our list — Crypto Exchange Bybit has announced the launch of a $100M support fund to help institutional traders & market makers access liquidity “during this challenging period in the crypto industry”. Big move! 😁

You’re all caught up on the stories for this roundup, my friend! 💪🏻

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Till next time, nothing do you! 


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