Wassup, Breet Gang? 

Did you get the memo yet? 

From my calculations, it’s exactly 90 days till 2022 is officially over — crazy! 🤯

There’s only two kinds of people right now: 

Team “Where did the year go sef? 🤔”, and Team “Make 2022 dey go, my eyes don too see shege 🥲” — which side are you on? 👀

Anyhoo, right before we get back to our weekly grind, it’s time for a Monday run-down featuring major Crypto news from around the world! 

Ready? Let’s go! 🌍

1. Bitcoin (BTC) continued to hold above $19k after a slight dip of 0.08%, while Ethereum (ETH) dropped to $1,330 after losing 0.09% in 24hrs on Friday. Fingers crossed that October is kinder to we Crypto holders! 🥺

2.  Ethereum’s co-founder Vitalik Buterin has finally released his long-awaited book “Proof of Stake”, and also announced his intention of donating all sales proceeds to fund the Open Web! 👏🏻

3.  Meanwhile, Warner Music Group has partnered with OpenSea to create and expand their fanbase on the Web 3.0-based music community. News like music to the ears! 🎶 

4.  Meta made a big announcement on Thursday — all users on Facebook and Instagram in the U.S. can now connect their wallets to the platform, share and cross-post their NFTs. Major flex! 🤩

5.  In more NFT news, the rare CryptoPunk NFT #2924 was sold for nearly $4.5 million worth of ETH on Thursday by NFT gatherer Seedphrase, despite the bearish market. Ballers dey this world o! 🤑

6.  Robinhood has officially announced the launch of its Web3 wallet exclusively with Polygon, which gives 10,000 waitlisted users access to participate in the wallet’s testing phase. Big moves! 💪🏻

7.  South Korean prosecutors are seeking to freeze $62M worth of Bitcoin linked to crypto founder Do Kwon as the manhunt for him continues. This drama seems to be far from over sha 👀

8.  Congratulations are in order as Singapore-based trading platform Crypto.com has officially been given approval to operate as a Digital Asset Service Provider (DASP) in France! 🇫🇷 

9.  And for our final story, Crypto exchange FTX has emerged as the highest bidder for bankrupt crypto lender Voyager (valued at $1.422 billion), thus winning the auction. It’s giving big money energy! 💰 

That’s it, People of Breet. 

You’re all caught up with the major stories — thank you for reading! 🕺🏼

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