What’s up, Breet Gang? 🕺🏼

First, some good news:

You’ve seen all 31 days in October, and no matter the shege you collected these last couple of weeks?

You survived it & I hope you feel proud! 💪🏻

So as we say our goodbyes to this lengthy month — it’s the 5th Monday btw 🥲 — while prepping for another week of grinding, it’s also a great day for our weekly run-down featuring major Crypto stories from around the world! 🌎

Let’s get into it:

1. After (finally!) climbing back to the 20k mark, Bitcoin made a slight dip of 0.98% to $20,153 late Friday, while Ethereum lost about 1.61%, dropping to $1,527. November, please be nice o 👀

2. Binance founder Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao has confirmed that a $500M equity investment was made by the Exchange for Elon Musk’s $44 Billion Twitter purchase. Massive! 🤯

3. The country of Norway has partnered with Ernst and Young to establish a virtual tax office in Decentraland, as a means of establishing their Web3 presence & reaching a young, tech-savvy audience. Love to see it! 🥳

4. Meanwhile, the founder of FTX Sam Bankman-Fried made an interesting announcement — the exchange has plans to create its own stablecoin in “not-too-distant-future”. Fingers crossed o 😁

5. In the UK, lawmakers have voted in favour of establishing crypto assets as regulated financial instruments and products in the country. This crypto? Everybody go adopt am! 🤑

6. In unfortunate news, Cosmos-based blockchain THORChain had its services halted after suffering an outage due to a software bug on Thursday 🥲

7. Mobile Payment Service CashApp has enabled the Bitcoin Lightning Network to allow over 40 million of its users make transactions using the network. Exciting news! 🕺🏼

8. And more Twitter talk — the social media Giant is set to commence testing a new Twitter feature that lets users exhibit, buy and sell NFTs directly via tweets, thanks to the support of four major marketplaces. Cannot wait to see! 😍

9. Last on our list; Google Cloud has launched a blockchain node-hosting service — Blockchain Node Engine — for Web3 developers that supports Ethereum. Definitely an interesting development, yeah? 🤩

This is where we draw the curtains — you’re all caught up! 💪🏻

There’s always something happening in the Blockchain/Crypto world, but you can trust Breet to bring you all the details.

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