Wassup Breet Gang, 

Who’s ready to get back to the grind and make some moneyyy this week? 🤑

(If I sound too excited, I’m trying to ginger myself too please 🤲🏻) 

Normally, nobody likes Mondays — except employers, of course 🤧 — but bills dey & that iPhone 14 Pro Max isn’t going to pay for itself, so we move! 

Before we get back to hustling for our daily 2k, it’s time to run through the hottest Crypto news from around the world last week – the good, the bad and the ugly! 🌎

Let’s begin: 

  1. The market was greener than ever on Friday, with Bitcoin gaining 10.22% and racing to $21,149, while Ethereum went up by 6.79%, hitting about $1,734 — sweet news!

2.  Crypto Exchange platform Binance made a big announcement to start converting their existing users’ balances and new USDC deposits into its own stablecoin; Binance USD! 💪🏼

3.  Meanwhile, the Federal Government of Nigeria and Binance have been considering a collaboration for the development of a blockchain based free trade zone — fingers crossed 👀

4.  Some Merge news 🕺🏼 — Ethereum has activated the ‘Bellatrix’ upgrade, which is the last step before the highly anticipated Merge this month (also, here’s more details about the upcoming Merge if you’ve been feeling confused!).

5.  In not-so-great news, Crypto Mixer Tornado Cash has been getting some heat after recent findings showed $500,000 worth of stolen Dai stablecoins being sent through their mixer pipes 🙃

6.  US Crypto platform Coinbase has backed the lawsuit against the US Treasury Department over sanctions on Tornado Cash, and they’d be covering the legal fees of Crypto engineers and investors suing. It’s giving gbas-gbos! 🌚

7.  NBA and fantasy game platform Sorare have announced a partnership to launch free-to-play fantasy basketball games, to be released at the start of the NBA 2022-2023 season — gamers would be pleased!  🏀

8.  Mobile software company Stack has launched a Crypto education and trading app specially for teen Crypto enthusiasts (18 years and under) to be co-owned by parents. Imagine if we all learnt about Crypto earlier sha! 🤩

9.  And to wrap up; some good news! $30M worth of stolen Crypto has been recovered by the FBI and Blockchain firm Chainalysis from North Korea’s Lazarus hacking group 👏🏻

That’s it, people – you’re all caught up!

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