Hey Breet Gang,

I hope you’re in a giddy mood, because I am! 🕺🏼

October is finally rounding up, salary week is here (big flex! 🤑) and the weekend has decided to grace us with its presence again — in a country like ours, we must count our blessings like this o 🤲🏻

Talking about being in this part of the world; if we’re being honest?

A lot of things are definitely harder for most people, and getting into Tech is high up on that list 🥲

But here’s what a lot of tech enthusiasts haven’t considered much:

How about getting into Tech through a niche as wide as Cryptocurrency? I promise, trading Crypto isn’t the only way!

Wondering how to begin? 👀

I interviewed three people who currently make money from the Crypto space – here’s how they do it:

  1. Ade: “I’m a senior Crypto marketing manager. It’s how I got into the tech scene! I already had basic marketing knowledge and experience but I started to develop keen interest in Web3 – Crypto in particular – and now, I work with an exchange firm, managing & executing campaigns that promote Crypto adoption across Africa.”

  1. Ibk: “I’m a Crypto technical writer. All the writers in my social circle are broke, and it’s not even shocking because writing is such an underrated skill, but my ex introduced me to Web3 writing in 2020, and now I earn in Crypto AND Dollars o. Life is good. I occasionally trade on the side, but just for the fun of it, really.”

  1. Phyna: “Your girl is a Crypto UX designer! Three years ago, I found out I could specialise in Web3 UX, and let’s just say I’ve been making bastard money since then. I truly enjoy providing blockchain solutions and designs, and I’ve been at it ever since.  Also, no — I don’t trade Crypto but I get paid in Bitcoin!”

The pressure is what? Getting werserrrr!

I hope you’re convinced now o — there’s no limits in Crypto, and you can kickstart that Tech career this year through so many ways. Don’t doubt it – you’ve got this! 💪🏻

Until next time, have a fantastic weekend!


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