Hey Breet Gang, 

Who else’s excited that Friday is about to save us from the shackles of adulting? 😁

Because I was talking to a friend last night; she was telling me how as soon as her 9-5 ends each day, her 5-9 (a.k.a her side gigs) starts immediately, and that this hustle lifestyle? E don dey tire her. 

Can you relate? I know I can! 👀

But, it might interest you to know that while most of us pick up side gigs for extra funds, not every side-gig starts off with daily, weekly or monthly credit alerts.

Today’s #BreetSpotlight shows us an example through Fred — a banker who picked an interest in crypto trading & lost a huge chunk of his 9-5 savings in the first few months of trading before getting a hang of it. 

Fred started off by telling us how it began.

“I’d just started working at a bank, making a decent amount. I didn’t pick up crypto as a means of making money, but I hoped that would happen — I mean, but have you seen the cost of living in Lagos? But for four rubbish months, it was all losses o. I’d trade with my savings, stay up till 2am watching YouTube tutorial videos, be at the bank from 5:30am till 8pm, then get back home to continue trading. Brutal times mehn!” 

I asked Fred how long it took for things to pick up. 

“I found a community. I started to meet the right people, spoke to a few OG traders, and finally had my first big win! I’ve also gotten a promotion at the bank, and as my 9-5 dey choke, I still have to find time to trade. Every day isn’t a win, especially with these bearish times, but I enjoy the thrill of it all.”

I started to wonder if Fred even found time to have a social life.

“What’s a social life? Omo, not right now o. Hopefully soon sha.” 

As we wrapped things up, I was curious to know if he’d faced any challenges as a crypto trader in Nigeria. 

“When I first started? Yes! But thankfully, times have changed, and more importantly, I know where to look now. The sweetest part about trading is still converting my crypto to cash, and I know I can always rely on Breet for that. In minutes, the reward of my hard work hits my bank account, and it makes me so happy!”

That’s it, Breet Gang — some ‘side-gigs’ might only start to pay in the long-run, so keep at it!

And, if you’ve been considering crypto trading but needed small ginger, you’ve found it. Breet dey for you & selling your coins for cash would always be as easy as 1,2,3!

Till next time, be good! 


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