Have you ever tried expanding your business past the shores of Nigeria, but gave up midway because collecting payment & converting to Naira was a struggle? 😢

Abigail can relate, but she didn’t let that stop her. 

Nigerian business owners are finally starting to accept Crypto as payment options (especially from customers outside the country) before converting it to their local currency with Breet, and you can too! 🛒

Today, our #CryptoSpotlight focuses on a Breet user who went from selling high-end Ankara bags and dresses within Nigeria, to discovering a market for it in the USA, finding wholesalers who pay with Crypto & getting her money in Naira in minutes! 💃

After a brief interview, here’s a few excerpts from our talk with Abigail.

According to fashion designer Abby; “It all started when I was tired with Nigerians pricing my market like it was beans. After sourcing for fine African fabrics and spending hours on each piece, people would still ask for ridiculous discounts all the time. E remain to carry gun. I was barely making ₦50,000 per month.” 

Abigail mentioned she didn’t have to do anything too hard to position herself for foreign clients. “I simply updated my Instagram shop details and my Google My Business profile to mention that international shipping was available. I also started to target black-populated cities outside Nigeria when running social media ads. I got my first client order from an African fashion store in Texas 2 weeks later!”

We also asked Abigail to share the challenges she faced so far. 

“The hardest part about selling my pieces to customers outside Nigeria was actually finding the customers! It takes time to build trust, but four months in and it’s finally happening. When it comes to receiving my money, that’s the easiest part! I just send out my Breet wallet address, and that’s it. There’s no way it would be this fast if I was receiving that money into a Domiciliary account— I know because I’ve tried that!”

When asked if there’s anything she wished she could change, Abigail said; “I just wish I started earlier. I didn’t think this was possible, but now that I know, I’m helping my brother position his own store for foreign customers.” 

Nigeria to the world again! 🌎 

We’re so proud of Abigail, and every other Nigerian who’s taking advantage of Breet to receive Crypto from all over the world! 🕺🏼

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Until next time, stay gingered! 

– Somebody from Breet. 


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