What’s popping, Breet Gang? 

It’s salary week, our national grid that seems to be collapsing every 10-15 market days has drank small malt + milk, and the weekend is already winking with us — life is good! 😎

So, I was talking with a friend who’s been trading crypto for years now, and yet, I just found out that he got into the market and made his first big profit by ‘accident’/‘luck’. 

I’d share his story in a bit, but it got me wondering; 

How did most people get into Crypto? Does everyone have an interesting story? 

Here’s what I discovered after asking my friend Deji, and 3 other people how they got into Crypto: 

  1. Deji: “It was 2017 o, and I was fresh out of uni and broke as hell. I was scrolling through Twitter one day when my friend tagged me on a discourse that this popular celebrity had started. He was dropping free Crypto trading pointers and strongly advocated that people buy XRP. I remember I was going to just scroll past it, but I decided otherwise in a split second. I don’t even know where I gathered mind from, but I used my entire savings to invest in it. Quickest $20,000 return I’ve ever made till date o! I’ve been hooked on the Crypto market since then. I trade full-time now, train students & paid for my own house last year thanks to Crypto!”

Here’s what these other Crypto traders had to say:

2.  Diana: “It was 2019 and my ex was swimming in money after buying BTC a few years back. I thought Bitcoin was too expensive so I purchased Ethereum. I wish I’d started earlier o, but now? There’s no looking back! The market is bleeding right now, but I know it’ll recover soon.”

3.  Mide: “My big brother in the US got into mining as far back as 2012, and purchased Bitcoin when it was trading for like $123! I remember telling him it was a huge risk but mehn — big mistake o. I just invested in 2020, and I’ve not made much yet, but I’ve been investing in Altcoins and seeing little profit!”

4.  Casper: “My answer in one word? Dogecoins! I saw one of Elon Musk’s tweets about DogeCoin and I thought; “This filthily rich man? He must know what he’s saying.” Buying Dogecoin ended in premium tears for me sha — or did I just invest too late? I’m not sure. But, I’ve made some pretty decent money trading other coins!”

Which of these stories can you relate with? 👀

The crypto scene has its bullish and bearish days, but make no mistake about it; cryptocurrencies are here to stay, so be sure you’re investing for the long-run 💰

And remember, whether you’re a Hodler or a trader, whenever you’re ready to sell, Breet dey for you — within 5 minutes, we’d convert your crypto to cash! 🕺🏼

Till next time,

Stay Jiggy!

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