Hey Breet Gang,

How’s October treating you? 🤲🏻

By the way, am I the only one who thinks these last couple of weeks in 2022 are just rushing; almost with the same speed as how everyone in Nigeria decided to Japa at the same time? 😁

We dey form sapa, but embassy dey full on a steady! 

Anyways, talking about crazy times — do you ever think back to when you didn’t know much about crypto, and used to believe the most ridiculous stories/myths about it? 🤑

I do, and I decided to ask a few friends about the craziest crypto myth they ever heard, believed, or even shared as the I-too-know that most people are!  👀

Here’s what my ears heard: 

1. Princess: Someone told me “Crypto isn’t real money, and one day, the founders will disappear into thin air and that’ll be the end of it.” For the longest time I believed it o, I was even telling my friends the same, until I converted Crypto to Cash with Breet for the first time, and went on a shopping spree with my money. My eye clear! 

2. Khalid: That “Bitcoin is illegal and people only use it for money laundering.” I didn’t believe that garbage, and this man couldn’t even tell me where he learnt that from, he kept arguing so strongly about it that I decided to just nod and walk away. Who has time to be convincing people? 

3. Feyi: My brother in the uni kept telling me that “Crypto is a Ponzi Scheme, and it will crash sooner or later”. After MMM  disappeared with my money that year, I was definitely scarred, so I believed. Until my best friend started racking in mad money as a crypto trader. Omo, I borrowed myself brain and actually researched about Crypto myself! 

4. BJ: It was my mom o. She would always say that “But you can’t buy anything in the real world with Bitcoin nau, it has no advantage over regular cash.” Big joke! Do you know how insane it is that you can receive money in minutes with Crypto, from any part of the world, with no extra transaction costs? I’ve sha been educating her. 

What’s that one Crypto myth you used to think was true? 😁

We learn everyday sha, and thankfully, when you actually get into the market for yourself, you start to recognize what’s true and what’s cold Zobo! 👀

Until next time, enjoy the rest of your day! 🕺🏼

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