Hey Breet Gang,

How’s November going so far? 

Hang in there — we’re making it to the end of this year! 💪🏻

Times have been crazy; from fuel scarcity to Naira depreciation and everything else in between (which is a lot 🙃), and it’s not just this part of the world. 

The Crypto market has been on a bearish trend for most of 2022; as wallets balances have been dipping, so have mental healths, and we have to talk about it 🥲

I spoke to Bayo for this #BreetSpotlight episode, and like the average Crypto hodler right now, it’s not been the most profitable year. 

“I made a couple of sweet gains earlier this year o, but it’s been mostly rough! A few of my friends have sold off so they can sleep better at night.” 🌝

I asked Bayo how he’s managed to not fold and sell at a loss. “Lol I’d say grit and confidence. The market always bounces back, and I play for the long run. I’m not here for quick profits & it can’t always be rosy.”

In the meantime, here’s what Bayo’s been doing to stay sane 🤲🏻 .

“I always tell my friends; do not invest money you can’t afford to forget about for a while, or you won’t survive if you lose. Doesn’t even just apply to Crypto. Also, like I said earlier, I’m here long-term, so I don’t even check my portfolio on my mobile device anymore. I check once a week on my laptop & move on with my day. Having fellow traders as friends has also been very helpful, as we check in and encourage one another often.”

Bayo continued; “In the meantime, I’ve been trading Altcoins here and there; buying and then selling them on Breet! But I’m very optimistic — the market WILL recover.” 

There you have it, Breet Gang! 

From a fellow Gang member to us all — we’d scale through this 🤝

Everywhere go still soft, best believe it! 🤩

In the meantime, do what you can to protect your mental health because worrying has never solved anything, okay? 

Till next time, stay safe! 🕺🏼

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