Hey Breet Gang,

I’m in a very excited mood — ask me why! 😁

Salary credit alerts are about to start hitting, and for a month like November that refused to move fast, it’s such a sweet thing to anticipate!🕺🏼

But then, I’m also thinking; “Is this the money that’s supposed to carry us through Detty December? Through FIVE Saturdays in December?” 🌚

Wahala for who no fit trade crypto for cash at any time of the month with Breet! 

Meanwhile, tell me; soon as funds land in your account —whether from crypto or from your hustle — what’s usually the first thing you do? 

I spoke to a couple of Breet Gang members, asked about their biggest crypto wins and the first thing they did after getting their money! 💰



Here’s what I heard: 


1. Mayor:I got into crypto trading sometime last year, in 2021. I just bought and held, and I used Breet for the first time to trade my Bitcoins for cash in March 2022. I got like 35 million and it felt like I was properly rolling in money! I got a sweet new ride with my profit o — good times!” 


2. Lari: “I bought Crypto for the first time about two years ago, November 2020. All my friends were buying and I had money sitting around in a dorm account so I thought, why not? I bought and forgot about it till a year after, November 2021, when Bitcoin skyrocketed. I sold, got a couple of millions, bought a house in an affluent part of Lagos, then bought some more crypto with the rest of my money



3. Elsa: “I’d been trading crypto on and off for over a year. I was still pretty sceptical so I was aiming to time the market and sell off at the best time. In 2020, in the middle of the lockdown, I bought Bitcoin and held. I was going to sell when it went up in 2021 o, but greed ehn! I missed that chance but sold in April this year with Breet; made over 200% profit! I was like mad o! I started a business and went for a 1-month vacation in London with the money!


Mehn, is this still your money year, or should we let these guys take the crown? 🤧

It’s been a rough year but don’t doubt it — Crypto has made & is still making multi-millionaires! And yes, it’s important to enjoy profits when they come in, but don’t eat the fruits of your labour + all your seeds too o — spend well & wisely, my people! 

Until next time, keep grinding! 🕺🏼


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