Ethereum Price Prediction: After the Merge Possibility

The Ethereum Merge has just been finalized, and it’s been a success for the Ethereum blockchain. Well, many people like myself have been asking, how will the Ethereum Merge influence the value of Ethereum? Although many believe the Merge will have an impact on the Ethereum Merge, some still think it won’t because the crypto market is currently red. In this blog, we’ll be looking at Ethereum price prediction and how I think it may be valued.

As of Sept. 29, Ethereum’s price was trading at $1319; this is after several days when it was hovering around $1200. I believe people like myself were rooting for Ethereum to have a significant spike during the Ethereum Merge process; surprisingly, it was that price ($1200).

An On-chain recent data has shown that there’s been a significant reduction in the supply of Ethereum after the Merge. As investors were selling out their ETH, pressure was built, which cajoled Ether to reduce drastically. Although the Ethereum price isn’t impressive yet, there’s a big tendency that a move could attract investors to buy more and hope for a bullish turnover towards the end of the year. The On-chain report shows that many investors sold out their Ethereum on or before the 14th of September (the day before the Merge), especially the whales, which caused the pressure.

It is questionable whether Ethereum’s value will rebound as it did in December 2021. Following Ethereum’s price history and 2022 market conditions, experts are still optimistic that ETH will rebound in the future, though there will be fluctuations along the way.

It’s crucial to keep in mind how volatile the market for crypto assets is. Therefore, it is difficult to make a 100% accurate 2022 Ethereum price USD prediction.

As a result, expert judgment and algorithmic 2022 Ethereum predictions may not always accurately reflect the situation.

Ethereum price prediction is a difficult thing to forecast. There are lots of different factors that go into it, and it is hard to find a single answer. One thing to keep in mind is that the price is not likely to go up any time soon, so it will be a while before we see a significant increase.

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