Hey Breet Gang,

The weekend is here again (yay!) & now-now, we’re already on the 4th day in February — January could have never! 🌚

How’s the new month treating you?

Is the pressure of being in the month of love getting werser, or not yet? 🤭

For some people, the only pressure that’s ever made them say “God when” is the pressure to get out of the trenches, and in today’s episode of #BreetBusiness, we see what determination + getting the right information at the right time can do!

Here’s how SJ’s story went: 

“Last year was somehow o. I’d tried so many businesses and nothing was pulling through. I was ready to Japa like everyone else; I was sure I couldn’t make it in this country. That’s when a friend first told me about Breet. He wanted me to sign up with his referral code so he could earn a reward, and then I started to take interest in Crypto after that. Finally, I followed Breet right before their Twitter Space in September.”

This is where the story starts to get interesting! 🤩

“It was a Space about NFTs. It caught my attention instantly, and after it, I just felt this intense passion to pursue it. I started to read and do more research, and in less than 60 days, I’d sold my first NFT! I got my payment from the buyer through Breet in minutes! I was amazed with how fast it was. That NFT didn’t even pay much o, but it was all the encouragement I needed. Now? Let’s just say I couldn’t relate to the whole talk of Sapa in January for the first time in my 27 years, and I was spending recklessly all December! I’ve been balling o, NFT money is sweet & Breet is still how I cash out!” 🤑

Sapa no fit catch am again, and we love to see it! 

The first month in this New Year might have rolled away, but there’s still so much time to shock yourself by chasing those ‘crazy’ goals & changing your whole life this 2023 — don’t doubt it! 🕺🏼

(And wahala for who’s been sleeping on our Twitter Spaces o 👀 ) 

SJ’s done it for himself, and we hope this leaves you feeling motivated. 

Dream big. Breet dey for you 🖤


Until next time,

Have an exciting weekend! 



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