Hey Breet Gang,

How’d your week go? 

Is it shocking to you that Christmas Day is next weekend, or is it just me? 👀

Anyone still sleeping on their 2023 plans — wake up o. It’ll be 31st night in small time and we’d be doing “New Year, New Me” again, only that some of us will misplace our New Year Resolution List in like 10-20 working days 🌚

But, that was not the case for today’s #BreetBusinessSpotlight o. 

I spoke to Danny, who started January 2022 with about ₦1,045 in his account and a strong desire to leave the trenches – he did! 🕺🏼

How? Crypto! 

First, I needed to know how it all began. 

“I invested in this rubbish business in November 2021. Lost all my savings, and then lost my job as it was affecting my performance. I remember sulking for weeks, and it got so bad my babe left. I was broke and constantly feeling sorry for myself. It hurt but I don’t blame her, ‘cos it was the wake-up call I needed. I started to do my research – what could I do next? That’s how I fell in love with Web3/Crypto!” 

I thought it was pretty fascinating how he’s self-taught too, so I asked Danny to share on that. 

“Yeah, Youtube was my gee. I would sleep and wake up in front of it. In 2023, I set up a Crypto tutorial center, which is now my business office because most of the people I host classes for are outside Nigeria.”

I was also curious about how life’s been since then 😎.  

“Life has been good! I was actively trading earlier this year and made great profit, but I’ve been focused on training and crypto influencer gigs since mid-2023. It’s so hard to picture how broke I was this time last year now.” 

“I now have hundreds of mentees across the globe, and from the comfort of my bedroom (or office!), I get paid in Crypto through Breet – straight to my wallet and my local bank account. It takes minutes, and even though I’ve used Breet for months now, it still shocks me how getting paid is always so fast!”

You’ve heard it all, Gang! 💰

Danny suffered loss, ate breakfast & found the energy he needed (pun intended!) to go from having very little last Christmas to having more than enough this Christmas – all thanks to crypto and of course, Breet! 

There’s no better time to decide to take a leap of faith, start a new venture and get paid in a new currency next year – crypto! And when it comes to converting to cash, as always, Breet dey for you! 🕺

Until next time, have a soft weekend!

– Somebody from Breet.


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