I have a feeling this week is going to be pretty calm, the crypto market started with the good colour, and I’m low-key looking forward to more of such.

GM Crypto Frens.

Being in the crypto world, every day is almost unpredictable. Sometimes it feels like you’re taking one step forward and then 2 steps backwards.

For instance, the world is finally opening up to crypto and accepting it as a means of payment, but last week, Russian President, Vladimir Putin signed a law to ban crypto as a means of payment in Russia, who does that?

Last week, Celsius Network, the crypto lender that is facing a liquidity crisis, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Not the best of news if you asked me.

This same last week, Opensea cuts 20% of its staff members, citing ‘Crypto Winter’ and ‘Macroeconomic Instability’. You would wonder where all them NFT fees go, but what do we know?

However, amid the industry rout, the Central African Republic launches the ‘Sango Coin’ cryptocurrency. I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering why ‘Sango’ of all names.

Bitfinex also announced on Thursday that the trading platform plans to donate 36 Bitcoin and $600K worth of Tether tokens to help bolster communities and small businesses located in El Salvador. Warms my heart.

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