Hey Breet Gang,

How’s the first week in October going? 💪🏻

Now, I know April Fools’ day is still months away, but imagine this:

If someone told you he went to bed last night owning assets of about $20 — which is currently around ₦14,000 🥲 — and he woke up as a trillionaire in Dollars, what would you say? 

“Is it playing? Are you playing?” shey?

I won’t blame you, I’d be shocked too.

But this is a real thing o — or at least, kinda! 🙃

So, US-based nursing student Christopher Williamson woke up on June 16th, 2021, checked his Coinbase trading account and literally fell out of his bed when he saw something hoooge! 

His account showed a balance of $1 trillion, which meant he was the first-ever trillionaire in the world! 

Christopher went on Twitter to share a screenshot while he tried to understand what had happened because e shock am! 

Unfortunately, the official Twitter account of Coinbase eventually burst his bubble (and his plans to buy a Yacht! 🛥 ) two days later. 

Christopher’s $20 worth of RocketBunny crypto in his account had not turned into $1 trillion, and the balance reflected was actually a “technical error”. 

The wildest part? 

This issue wasn’t resolved immediately o. 

In fact, 10 days later, Christopher’s account was showing an even higher figure, but Coinbase had frozen it to ensure he didn’t withdraw it! 🙃

Lol na this kind issue dey make person vex. 

Doesn’t this young man deserve something for the financial and emotional trauma he’s been through though? 🥲

If you were Christopher, what would have been your initial reaction & first action after seeing that account balance? 👀

Don’t lie o! 😂

Things dey occur sha. 

May our bank account not only resemble a baller’s, but may we also be able to spend it with peace of mind 🤲🏻

Till next time,

Be good! 

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