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How To Sell Bitcoin From Binance, On Breet In Minutes

Are you curious about how to sell your Bitcoin from Binance, on Breet? You have come to the right place. 

The whole point of Breet is to create a seamless and stress-free conversion of your crypto to fiat currency.

If we aren’t doing that, “wetin we gain”?

To sell your Bitcoin on the Breet App you will first have to create an account on the Breet app.

Breet App

How To Set Up An Account On Breet

  1. The first step is to download Breet from your mobile app store on Android or iOS. You get an automatic Bitcoin wallet after registration. 
  2. Create an account with a valid email and phone number, then turn on the two-factor authentication (2FA). This will ensure your account has an extra layer of protection if someone tries to access your account.
  3. Add your Naira or Cedi bank account. This will help you receive your funds when you sell your cryptocurrency.

Now, with your Breet account created and your Bitcoin wallet set up on the Breet App, here is how to sell Bitcoin from Binance on the Breet App

How to sell Bitcoin from your Binance App on the Breet app In Minutes. 

  1. Login to your Breet app and click on the Bitcoin option.
  2. Create/View your wallet
  3. Copy the wallet address provided.
  4. Login to your Binance app.
  5. Select Spot and choose the amount you wish to trade.
  6. Click on Bitcoin and Withdraw.
  7. Paste the Breet crypto wallet address in the option available and sell.
  8. After three verifications (around 5 to 15 Mins), the crypto will be transferred to your Breet app.
  9. Login to your Breet app.
  10. Click the top right option and select “Withdrawal.”
  11. Enter the amount you wish to Withdraw and your password.
  12. Payment will be confirmed in minutes.



How Does Breet Protect Your Bitcoin?

Breet deploys top-notch security measures to secure your account and crypto. Built on robust security systems, Breet takes it a step further by providing you with tools such as biometrics and two-factor authentication to keep unwanted people out of your account. 

Breet, being an over-the-counter trading system, is designed for swift and secure transactions. Due to its non-custody nature, you can trust your transactions to go smoothly from the app straight to your bank account — no hiccups. 

And if you have any concerns, you can challenge the trade or contact an agent through Breet’s Customer Support for help. 

The Breet customer support team is always available to assist with any unverified transactions you may be worried about.  And because all transactions are made using OTC technology, there is no risk involved for users with regard to speed or security.

 What is unique about the Breet exchange?

Breet offers an incredibly quick and straightforward service that is free of hidden costs or surprises. The Breet app also provides traders with round-the-clock client support. It is our way of ensuring the world has access to money without boundaries.

Along with this, Breet users get rewards on every transaction. We also have a referral program that offers bonuses to existing users for every new user they refer to the platform.

The cheapest and simplest cryptocurrency exchange to sell Bitcoin in Nigeria is Breet.


Selling your Bitcoin on Breet from Binance is a simple process. With your Breet app, you can sell your Bitcoin at the best rate in the market seamlessly. All you need to do is send your Bitcoin directly to your Breet Bitcoin wallet address and convert it to Naira or Cedi. The most convenient thing is that your Naira/Cedis gets automatically deposited into your bank account in minutes. 

Happy trading!

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