What’s good, Breet Gang? 

Who hasn’t started a countdown to the 25th of December please? 👀

Christmas is this Sunday and like play, like play, December is running out fast! 

I don’t know about you, but this weekend, I’d be using one hand to wreak havoc on some grilled chicken, and the other hand to scroll through social media, because I’d be indoors, avoiding Christmas traffic, hiked transport price and crowd! 😁

And if you think it’s just you & I with holiday plans, check again o. 

I spoke with our friends — crypto-coins (yes, I did!) to find out how they’re spending the holiday, and I got some very interesting responses!

Curious? Come & hear: 

1. Bitcoin: “I’d be spending this weekend doing a personal retreat/vacation. The pressure on me this year? No be here. Let me go and cool down and plan myself for 2023. We go again in January 🧘 . ” 

2. Ethereum: “For me? It’s business as usual. My developers have been quite busy and December is just another month for me. I have big plans for the new year, and I’m very focused on it. If it’s not currency talk, don’t talk to me. Any other questions?”

3. Dogecoin:I’m out to catch cruise and leave wahala for who get am. Year was tough & I’ve been holding some grudges here and there, but this December is for flexing. Some people are still not taking me seriously, but I’d worry about them in January. I’d be relaxing all month long! 😎 ”

4. Bitcoin Cash: “Wetin my big brother talk? Bitcoin, what did he tell you? Ehn, I dey follow am. Whatever he’s doing is what I’m doing. I dey follow who know road from this month till 2023. Thanks.” 

Can we blame BCH? Nope. 

Anyhoo – what would you be doing this season? 

If cryptocurrencies can have plans, so should you o. Not everytime sleeping and waking up, m’kay?

Make plans and enjoy the season while it lasts, Breet Gang!

Until next time, 

Have a merry weekend! 

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