What’s good, Breet Gang?

We’ve made it through another week! *breaks into a happy dance. 

And I don’t know about you, but March has been giving me January energy (31 whole days 😵‍💫) & I need the days to move faster! 

But let’s focus — today’s not about this ‘somebody’ who’s writing to you, it’s about the potential ‘somebodies’ that cryptos could be. 

Imagine them with character traits like actual people; maybe some of us might be a bit less angry when BTC decides to dip like a tired man after a long week! 🙃

With a little bit of imagination, here’s what our favourite coins would be like: 

1.  Bitcoin

BTC is that senior man everybody either admires or wants. A proper Jack of all trades & master of many because he’s been playing in these fields long before anyone. There’s plenty pressure because everyone expects a lot, but there’s also plenty of respect & people vouch for this guy anyday, anytime. Relationship status? He belongs to everybody & nobody — IYKYK! 🌚 


2.  Litecoin

Litecoin is that ambitious young man who looks up to the greats before him & draws inspiration from them! LTC would be the life of the party with a great personality, and the perks of being related to one of the biggest ‘movers and shakers’ (a.k.a. BTC) means people think he’s just enjoying ‘borrowed fame’ but that’s just jealous talk! Relationship status? Too cool to be held down! 😎

3.  Ethereum

Here’s the one who’s seen that it’s not about being #1. — sometimes you don’t have to overthrow anyone, being the second best can be (almost!) as rewarding. There’s the ones who think he’s settling & not worth the hype, but if e easy, make dem do am too. ETH is content in his own lane & winning good! Relationship status? Most likely taken. Don’t ask how I know sha.  👀

4. Dogecoin

You know those people who’ve made a name for themselves as incredibly playful & everything about them seems like a joke? Here’s one. No one is quite sure what D’s doing & nobody really expects too much but surprisingly, he’s doing decently well! But love life? DOGE’s an unserious, full-time player. 🤧

Each character interesting in their own way, don’t you think? 😄

Who do you think you’d get along with the most? Small twist – who do you think would be Nigerian? I’d say Dogecoin sha, but you decide! 🌝

Speaking about this beloved country – tomorrow’s another important Saturday & I hope you’re heading out for the ‘personality’ you truly believe is deserving. 

Decide who’s your guy & go cast that vote! Stay safe while at it too, m’kay?  🇳🇬

Until next time, 

Have a great weekend!




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