“So… If you drop $100, you will get $500 back in 30 minutes”. That was the promise they gave my friend, Akpos, and he believed it, due to his greed to get rich overnight.

Ponzi scammers are getting smarter, promising an unrealistic amount of money as ROI because that’s what greedy Akpos wants to hear. And there are a lot of them in the crypto space due to the relative anonymity of cryptocurrencies and the high number of newbies.

Some of them use bots to spam Instagram comment sections.

Some even go as far as hacking people’s social media accounts, then sending the ponzi scheme testimonials to their friends and followers, to make it more convincing.

What Am I Saying…

Take this from somebody that loves you, whenever you see schemes like this, remove your shoe, and run for dear life.

You’d be better off selling your crypto on Breet and withdrawing your cash to eat good pepper soup, than losing it to ponzi scammers.

Stay safe fren!

Just a mysterious human at Breet.