Hiii, Breet Gang! 

You know what Single Pringles like me are happy about right now? 

It’s that our present reality isn’t fashioned for lovers this February! 🤭

Send me money” —  Transactions are failing. (Not Breet though, y’all be easy! Everything is smooth sailing here 😁).

Or just send me cash” — Cash don scarce. 

Oya come & see me” — Fuel don scarce. 

Wahala, wahala, wahala, in Portable’s voice. 

But because I’m nice, I’ve decided to go ahead and help Breet Gang members who still need Valentine gift ideas for the crypto enthusiast in their life! 🕺🏼

You don’t want to send that person just chocolates + wine, or boxers + singlet? They don’t want that too, and Breet’s got you! 😉 

Here’s some ideas: 

1. Get a special Valentine card with cute crypto references, and then pour out your feelings in it! Have you forgotten how hand-written notes used to sweet you back in secondary school? It still works o! Imagine a card with a pick-up line like: “I’m no BTC but I’m at an all-time high for you!”, and then your special note. If they don’t melt, let me know why 🌚

2. Pick a practical, crypto-themed item they can use everyday & remember you. Whether it’s a T-shirt that says ‘Hodl me tight’, or a cute mug that says ‘Won’t trade you for anything’, haters might call it cheesy, but your person will adore it and that’s all that matters! 🤝

3. Forget Netflix and Chill. Take your lover out, rent out a cinema room for a private movie show, select your favourite romance movies and include some crypto-themed movies that you know you’d both enjoy — for example, there’s Life On Bitcoin; a newly-wed couple who come back from their honeymoon and decide to make all their purchases with Bitcoin. Enjoy & thank us later! 😉 

4. Send them Crypto via Breet! Guess what currency is never scarce? Crypto! So whether you’re planning a romantic getaway or a day-out with Le boo, imagine sending some coins into their Breet wallet that they’d randomly see when they check their notifications later in the day. When money enters, love is sweeter o!

And that’s it — if you’ve picked an idea or two, you’re welcome! 😌

And if nothing concern you with romance because you don’t have a Valentine, Breet wants to be your Valentine o! If you missed our giveaway announcement, go see this post & let’s send you a custom gift box on Valentine’s Day, m’kay? 😁

Until next time,

Have a sweet weekend! ❤️


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