My Crypto Story: Episode One #BreetStories

August was just starting and I was already broke. 

Don’t ask me why o; blame Dapo 🌚

How is a student supposed to make money when we’ve been at home since February? 

After being turned into a houseboy in my father’s house, no allowance, and my footwear business on hold because my customers were boys in my hostel, I needed to look into new business opportunities. 

That’s when Dapo, my childhood friend, introduced me to Crypto. It ended in hot tears. 

Dapo said a friend of a friend could help us trade Crypto. We would simply send him the money, he’d buy and hold some coins, and we’d have our capital + profit in less than a month 🤑. 

I knew very little about how Crypto worked, but I trusted my guy o. 

I took more than half of the money Uncle Aminu in Dubai sent me and added it to what Dapo had. We joined a private WhatsApp group and sent the money to his friend‘s Crypto wallet. 

It’s been exactly 31 days since Dapo’s friend got that money, and it’s been 28 days since he blocked Dapo and I after ‘throwing’ us out of that WhatsApp group 😢. 

Would you believe I don’t even know that thief’s name? Now look at me. Na me mess up. 

It was time to do something about my “broke-ness”. 

I got out of the house to go see my friend/neighbor, Deji. While Deji worked in the living room, I locked myself in his bedroom and started to cook up another story I could tell Uncle Aminu 🤔. 

Soon, I was done. I sent him a text, asking when I could call as I was having “money problems”. 10 minutes later, a text notification came in. 

“Tobi, money problems? How did you spend N300,000 in barely two weeks?” 

I took a deep breath, gathered small courage and called Uncle Aminu. 

After answering questions like I was taking JAMB again, and getting a 10-minutes lecture on how I needed to get “serious with my life”, uncle Aminu asked; “I have some Bitcoin; do you have a Crypto wallet?”

My enemies must be after me. This Crypto yarn again? Kai! 👀

Did I mention that my ex-girlfriend referred a customer in South Africa to my business a week after Crypto Thief blocked me? The customer wanted to pay for five sneakers with Crypto. 

I sha thought he was trying to scam me too, so I didn’t even respond to his message. 

But look at my life now; Sapa don hold me 🌚. 

“Yes, Uncle. I do”, I heard myself saying.

“Good. Text your wallet details. I should be able to send you something later today. We’d talk in the evening.” 

The call ended, and I now had a new worry. How do I even open a Crypto account? Won’t it take weeks to activate like bank accounts? 🙃

I walked back to the living room where Deji was. My friend took one look at my face and knew something was wrong. “Tobi, how far?” he asked. 

“Small problem dey, bro. My Uncle wants to send me some Bitcoin, and he asked for my Crypto details. I no even get, and he’s expecting it already!”

“That’s why you’re this worried? Haven’t you heard about Breet?”

“What’s that?”

Deji shook his head and picked up his phone. “Guy, check your WhatsApp. I just sent you the link 📱.”

“But wait, bro, can I trust them?”I asked.

“I’ve been using them every week for a year, Tobi. Use my referral code too o. I just sent it. Sign up, set up your account and in minutes, you can get your Crypto.” Deji added.

Few minutes later, I realized Uncle Aminu was right. I need to get serious with this my life o.How has Deji been using Breet to collect Crypto payments from his customers, and I’ve never heard about it before now? 😩

After registering, I sent Uncle Aminu my details and hurried to my Instagram business page. That South African man might still want to buy those sneakers, abi?

I opened his DM, apologizing for responding late — I blame my foolishness and Dapo, but I can’t tell him that. I confirmed that the sneakers were available and sent my Crypto wallet address. 

That evening, Uncle Aminu sent me my first BTC payment – my uncle sabi sha! I turned on the Automatic Settlement option on Breet, and my payment was processed into Naira as soon as it hit my account 🤑

Deji also earned some reward points since I used his referral code — everybody was happy! 

Later at night, I checked my Instagram account to see if my South African customer had responded — Baba just left my message on read 😢

E pain me o, but I can’t blame him. Nothing spoil. Now I know better. I know Breet! 


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