During the April crypto market crisis, the majority of digital assets experienced losses of more than 60% from their peak worth. As a result, trade and investor activities and interests generally decreased. The most recent study has indicated interest and curiosity in crypto assets worldwide, notwithstanding the April meltdown. You should check out this post to learn more about the causes of crypto crashes.

The study considered information from Google Trends about frequently searched-for crypto phrases. After integrating the search history data from each nation, the aggregate search score was made public. The study considered the information from 15 different international locations.

The study also highlighted how well-liked the cryptocurrency sector is among Nigerians, with the top search terms like “buy crypto” and “invest in crypto” resulting in a score of 370 for the overall evaluation. The lack of reliable financial services in Nigeria has stoked interest in cryptocurrencies among Nigerians and is a key factor in the spread of cryptocurrencies across Africa.

After the April Crash, Nigeria becomes the nation with the highest level of crypto obsession.

After the April Crash, Nigeria becomes the nation with the highest level of crypto obsession.

The search volume for the keyword “invest in crypto” has climbed at the same rate since the April crash in Nigeria, but the search volume overall has been progressively falling.

The growing interest in cryptocurrencies among Nigerians was highlighted in KuCoin’s “Into the Cryptoverse Report” earlier in April. According to the research, 35% of people between the ages of 18 and 60 currently possess crypto assets or have traded them in the last six months. 52 percent of Nigerian crypto investors consistently save more than half of their capital in crypto assets.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) came in second with a search score of 270 as a result of its people’s growing interest in cryptocurrencies. The United States was placed 12th overall with a search score of 157, while Singapore was ranked third consecutively with a score of 260. The search score data also identified some of the top crypto assets that people in these 15 nations sought.

Searches on Ethereum performed better than those searched by bitcoin. With a score of 59, Singapore took first place in the rank table. The increased interest in Ethereum over Bitcoin may be due to the upcoming Merge of the proof-of-stake (PoS) network. The Merge is scheduled to take place in mid-September.

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