Hey Breet Gang,

What’s popping? 

Some good news in case you haven’t checked the calendar today — January is packing up its bags to leave, and the weekend is here to stay for a bit! 🕺🏼

How’s this month been for you?

In the Crypto scene, things have been looking pretty good compared to December!😁

Bitcoin for one is way above the $20k mark, and the market has been green with profit for a while now. 

So it had us thinking; just how much profit did early adopters of BTC enjoy during the bullish runs of those days? I found some interesting stories o.

Come & see:

1. Erick Fineman’s story: You know how grandma would give you ₦5,000 back in the days and you’d use it to buy packs of Choco Milo for you and your friends? Some other kids were collecting money to invest in their future billions! When BTC was worth $12 in 2011, Erick got $1,000 from his grandmother (at 11 years) and with his brother’s help, he invested in Bitcoin. Two years later? BTC was worth $1,200, he’d make hooge profits & he’s continued to re-invest in BTC since then! 🤑

2. Peter Saddington’s story: Peter heard of Bitcoin for the first time in 2011, and invested in some for less than $3 per coin in November of that year. And then, like (expensive!) garri, his profit began to swell up when Bitcoin price rose to about $7,500 late-2017. The total? The coins he’d purchased for about $2.52 were now worth $19,000 each, and he’d made a gain worth over 250,000%! Needless to add, he’s continued being a BTC holder since then 💪🏻

3. Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss’s story: The Winklevoss brothers who earned some money (about $65M) from Facebook after a lawsuit in 2012 decided to do the next wisest thing— they invested about $11M of it into cryptocurrency! The result? After the rise of Bitcoin prices in late 2017, they became one of the first billionaires in the Bitcoin market! Imagine if they’d decide to use that money to buy a few houses in Banana Island like some of us would have! 👀

Now, I know you’re probably thinking; “Wahala for who no buy Bitcoin on time o.” Well, as we don’t have a time machine, we also don’t have time for Had-I-Known 🤷🏽‍♂️

Why? Because there’s still so much money to be made from Crypto — don’t sleep on it! Simply do your own research, take calculated risks + play for the long run. And whenever you’re ready to sell and cash out? Breet dey for you 🕺🏼

Until next time,

Have a giddy weekend! 🤩



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