Hey Breet Gang, 

It’s the weekend — whoop whoop! 🕺🏼

For most of us, we finally get the chance to sit back, relax & enjoy a well-deserved leisure time, even if it means staying in bed all day like me.

For others, Valentine’s Day being on a Tuesday wasn’t enough 👀 . 

That means this weekend, they’ve planned something special for their romantic partner (single people might want to stay off social media for the rest of this week sha 🤭). 

Today’s #BreetFan falls into this category, and it’s also a Valentine season special. 

This beautiful love story that’s as fresh as today’s bread? We contributed to it! 😁

What happened? Mr. Lover Man will do the narrating! 

“I’ve been in a lot of relationships, but one thing I’ve always had to deal with? Most of my exes never quite understood what I do. I trade Crypto full-time, and host classes every month for beginners, and some people didn’t get that at all. One silly girl even said it was MMM. Me? That one didn’t even last a month.” 🌚

We were curious to know how he met his new babe. Here’s what he said: 

“One of my students from way back whom I eventually became good friends with invited me for his birthday party, and I met his sister who’d taken interest in crypto and was learning from him. My proper spec + a crypto babe? It was love at first sight. Then we started talking a lot, hung out for the first time on Valentine’s Eve and while talking about what we both do, this fine woman started talking about Breet and asking if I’d heard of them. Apparently, she’d recently signed up and made her first transaction this February. Lol, asking if I knew the only crypto platform I trade with?! I almost asked her to marry me at that point!” 


Breet Gang, we might have a wedding to plan soon o! 💒

These love-birds also found out they’d had a brief interaction with each other on Breet’s Telegram channel, officially started dating on Valentine’s Day, and of course we’re rooting for them because they’re two sabi people! 

You’re about to ‘God when’? Go ahead! ♥️

It’s wonderful finding your own person, and even more wonderful when you have common interests & both know the good things of life!

But even if you meet someone that makes your heart do gbim-gbim, but somehow, they’ve never heard of the easiest and most rewarding way to trade Crypto for Cash? Be the one who introduces them – talk about Breet today! 🤩

Until next time, 

Have a soft weekend! 😎



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