What’s up, Breet Gang? 

How’d the first week of the New Year treat you? 🥳

Are you already counting down to the end of January, or are you like some of us that know we can simply trade crypto for cash at any time? 🤑

Well, this time last year, some Breet users didn’t know this, but January 2023? They’re here with a whole new story! 🕺🏼

I spoke to a couple of people who joined the Gang not so long ago  — here’s how it started, and how trading in minutes with Breet has been so far: 

  1. MJ (Breet user for 5 weeks): 

“Mehn sometimes I wish I found out about Breet sooner, but I’m just really glad I know now! I sell to an international audience & I can tell you — sales have increased dramatically because most of my clients love to pay with Crypto. And in minutes, I have my money! It still feels so incredible!” 


2.  Ayo (Breet user for 2 months):

“I signed up with my best friend’s referral code, and he earned from that. Then I got a sign-up bonus, and gave my own referral code to my brother, I earned too! Lol I was like ‘mad o!’. I won’t even lie, the awoof is sweet, just as sweet as stress-free trading every single time!” 


3.  Lydia: (Breet user for 2 weeks): 

“I joined the Breet Gang right before Christmas. I’ve had friends who’d been persuading me to join, and hearing there was a bonus for signing up definitely ‘gingered’ me, but seeing how easy and fast transactions are? Plus the amazing customer service? I’ve been busy making sure my people sign up without wasting time like I did o!”.


4.  Drey: (Breet user for 4 months): 

“I joined Breet after having multiple issues with one other Crypto trading platform. I was very sceptical, but I just thought, ‘what’s the worst that can happen? I’ve already seen plenty shege with others.’ Omo, Breet has been nothing but peace of mind for me! I’m always referring my gees!”

And there you have it! 🤩

Our elders say you don’t know what you have till you lose it. In this case, you don’t know what you didn’t have till you find it — we love to see it! 

What’s your Breet story? 

You can share it on social media — be sure to mention us (with the @ button!) & use the hashtag #HowItStartedvsNow 🕺🏼

And keep spreading the word, m’kay?

Let’s get more people experiencing hassle-free Crypto trading this 2023!

Until next time,

Have a wonderful weekend! 




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