What Would You Do If $10M Was Accidentally Wired To Your Account? #CryptoStory

Hey Breet Gang,

How’s it going? 

Friday is steady approaching (yay 🕺🏼), and it’s about time for a #CryptoStory from Breet! 

You remember those stories we were told as kids — if you see money on the road, don’t pick it?

Before you turn into yam or disappear into another realm? 😁

Looks like crazy things are happening even when the money finds its way into your bank account o.

One day in May, 2021, a woman in Melbourne, Australia requested for a refund of $100 from Crypto.com. 

But somehow, while processing the refund, $10.5 million AUD was accidentally sent to her — na wa for financial personnel wey no sabi work sha 🌚

Now, here’s the ridiculous part — no one noticed this error until 7 months later, in late December 2021, during a company audit! 

Unfortunately, money-miss-road-millionaire had already spent a bulk of the money; she’d sent a chunk to her daughter, and even bought a nice house as per Odogwu! 💵

But Crypto.com wasn’t having it, and they’ve gone ahead to sue. 

Just imagine having to deal with a lawsuit for a mistake that wasn’t even your fault in the first place – God save us from long-throat o 🤲

The case first appeared in court in May 2022 (a whole year later!), where judge Elliott J ruled that the house must be sold and the accidentally transferred funds be sent back, with 10% interest and legal fees on top! 😳

Apparently, this case is far from over, and it’s set to return to court next month — October 2022.

How do you think this would end? 

I guess time will tell, but may trouble not come looking for you and I oh, and may we not be tempted with wetin pass us 🤲🏻

Until next time, be good! 

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