Hey Breet Gang, 

You know those people that always say; “That celebrity? I sabi am. That influencer? She dey live for my estate.” 

In my head, I always ask, but do they sabi you, sir/ma? Are you part of their inner circle? 👀

For us at Breet, we actually want to know and interact with our #BreetGang members better, and we’d like them to know us too! 

That’s why we’ve set up a Telegram channel for our community, and this is me sending you a personal invite if you’re not already on it! 

Here’s what you enjoy as a Breet Telegram community member: 

  1. Community members get Crypto news updates first; which means you don’t have to go looking for it — it comes to you! 💪
  2. We’d be sharing tips, debunking myths & making sure you sabi when it comes to everything Crypto! 🤝
  3. On Fridays, our Telegram group would allow community members socialize freely. Get ready for fun conversations & plenty of cruise!🕺🏼
  4. If you no see giveaway on this list, no be Breet! Weekends on our Telegram channel go choke with awoof – there’d be fun polls as well as exciting games, and winners will be rewarded with freebies! 😁

You do not want to miss out – the best time to join the Breet Telegram community is right now! 

Tap here to join Breet on Telegram

And don’t forget to spread the word; Breet is on Telegram! 🕺🏼

See you there! 

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